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Premium interior crafted with a microfiber canopy

available for Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y

From the bland standard interior to the luxury class interior by customizing the vehicle interior with high-quality microfiber fabrics. This elegant upgrade gives your vehicle a solid increase in value and, thanks to the particularly hard-wearing nature of the microfibre material, is better protected against dirt while at the same time being easy to clean.

The silky soft feel rounds off the luxurious overall package and helps to raise the impression of the interior to the highest level.


Microfiber fabrics come in many different colors, with different patterns or embellishments. Laser inscriptions are also possible at Werkwatt if required.

Vehicle cleaning with heart and soul, for outside and inside and for big and small.

Regular car care is of great importance as it offers numerous benefits. Regular washing and waxing protects the paintwork adequately and protects it from harmful environmental influences. In addition, regular car care prevents (flash) rust formation on the paintwork or on the underbody, which increases the service life of the vehicle and avoids expensive repairs.


Regular cleaning of the interior ensures cleanliness, hygiene and a pleasant vehicle atmosphere. In addition, regular car care improves light and visibility and thus safety while driving. Last but not least, a well-groomed appearance increases the resale value of the vehicle enormously.


In summary, regular car care means a longer service life, a higher resale value, more safety and a more pleasant driving experience. More than 15 years of experience in vehicle care provide the necessary know-how at the company Werkwatt.

Custom-made products using 3D printing and ideas at the push of a button!

Discover our bespoke 3D printed one-off products for Tesla drivers and EV owners in general. New times, new challenges - we offer individual solutions for individual tasks. Do you have a vehicle-related idea that you would like to bring to life? Werkwatt designs custom components and prints them out for you. The best way to get the latest news about this is via my social media channels!

Mikrofaser/Alcantara Beispiel

Türdämmung und Ambientebeleuchtung  bei Werkwatt für Tesla Model 3 und Model Y

Ihr wollt eure Fahrzeug etwas upgraden ohne ein neues Fahrzeug zu kaufen? Dann seid ihr bei Werkwatt genau richtig! Zusätzlich zu verschiedenen Individualisierungs-Möglichkeiten im Innenraum, bietet Werkwatt auch die Dämmung & Isolation der Türen an bzw. erweiterte Dämmung der Fahrgastzelle auf Anfrage. Das Auto wird leiser und die Musikanlage kraftvoller :)

Und wenn es euch zu dunkel ist, dann könnte das installieren einer Ambientebeleuchtung definitiv Abhilfe schaffen - Werkwatt macht das schon!


What can WERKWATT also do?

Innenraum Alcantara Werkwatt Wien

Microfiber Fabrics on other brands parts

If you have other parts that might need a microfiber wrap, contact me for getting an individual offer - only parts, no disassembling

Felge Beispiel Überturbine Werkwatt

Wheel Repair

If your wheels are damaged, we have an excellent Shop to get it fixed with AWerk Felgentechnik in Traiskirchen, Niederösterreich!

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