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What are Microfiber Fabrics?

Microfiber materials such as Alcantara or Indivitara are used in the automotive industry for various applications, in particular for interior trim, dashboards or door panels.

For example, Alcantara is a brand name for a polyester and polyurethane microfiber that is often used as a substitute for leather. Compared to leather, Alcantara has the advantage of being lighter and more resistant to stains and abrasion. It is also more breathable and moisture resistant than leather, making it particularly suitable for use in cars.

Alcantara is also a more sustainable material than leather as it is made from synthetic fibers and therefore does not cause animal suffering. It is easier to clean and maintain than leather, which is an advantage for automotive use, as it is often subject to stains and dirt.


Overall, microfiber fabrics such as Alcantara or Indivitara are popular choices for the auto industry due to their durability, aesthetics and sustainability.

At WERKWATT, fabrics from the company IYC IndividualiseYourCar are used, other fabrics only on request.

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